ICASTTM, International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We develop and implement market-based solutions for issues that plague underserved communities.

ICAST Programs

ResourceSmart executes multifamily property rehabilitation, installing upgrades that positively impact property owners and their tenants.
Triple Bottom Line Foundation is a certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), offering a variety of financial products that generate measurable social, environmental, and economic impact.
Project Sunlight is on a mission to tackle the affordable housing crisis head on. Become a Strategic Philanthropist  and help address affordable housing issues.


Join Us February 18th for Executive Night Speaker Series
"Crowdfunding to Overtake Venture Capital in 2016"
Jan 28, 2016

Crowdfunding, once a small niche model for those who couldn’t get traditional financing, has now gone mainstream, with platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Go Fund Me attracting individuals interested in supporting new and unique products, services, ideas, and people. According to crowdfunding research firm Massolution, crowdfunding platforms generated $16.2 billion in 2014, an amount that was expected to more than double in 2015 to $34.4 billion. This growth in available capital has prompted innovations and entrepreneurs alike to race to keep up with the changes in legislation and crowdfunding trends. In a recent report by Masssolution, the crowdfunding industry is on track to account for more funding than venture capital by the end of 2016. Join us, and engage with industry executives about current trends in the growing world of crowdfunding at this month’s Executive Night Speaker Series event.

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ICAST Featured in U.S. Department of Energy's Better Building Case Study, "Energy Efficiency Upgrades in Multifamily Housing" 
Feb 1, 2016

Last month, ICAST and another nonprofit Better Building Network member, Elevate Energy, were featured in a Better Buildings curated case study as excelling members that effectively develop energy efficiency solutions for multifamily and affordable housing communities. ICAST's President and Founder, Ravi Malhotra, was interviewed, providing insights into its program ResourceSmart, how ICAST has approached the multi-family sector, and how ICAST engages the tenants at the properties it works on.

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How Investing in Housing Can Save on Healthcare Costs


Feb 1, 2016

This review summarizes and evaluates recent research on the effectiveness of housing interventions to result in health care cost savings. There are a number of good studies that have demonstrated that providing permanent supportive housing to homeless individuals can result in significant savings on public health care expenditures—usually more than enough to offset the cost of providing housing and services. There is less research monetizing health care savings associated with other housing programs. However, with new opportunities under the Affordable Care Act and expanded Medicaid, the research provides clear support for collaboration between the housing and health communities on supportive housing programs. At the same time, there is a need to continue to rigorously evaluate housing programs and to include an analysis of health impacts in future studies.

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